Pilates will help you achieve a mind/body connection that will change the way you feel, look and move by rebuilding your body from the inside out.

About Pilates

Pilates is a contemporary exercise system with incredible range:  biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement.  It is based on a clear set of exercise alignment principles that emphasize stability, mobility, and performance.

Our Pilates Team

Our Pilates instructor team has extensive training and years of experience in Pilates, personal training, yoga and corrective exercise. Any of our instructors would be happy to discuss your interest in Pilates and help you get started.  


Current HCC Pilates practioners include children, youth, adults and seniors whose focus range from joint care to elite athletic conditioning. 

There are many contemporary methods and schools of Pilates. Pilates can be floor or equipment based.  Pilates uses a combination of specialized equipment including the reformer, stability chair, wall spring unit, arc barrel, cadillac, and ladder barrel. 

Classes are offered on an ongoing drop-in, registered sessional, and private basis.  

Pilates group classes and personalized training are offered in the Pacific Studio located on the lower level of our fitness centre.  

How do I get started?
Optimally, we advise you to take a private intro session or class, after which you can continue with any combination of
Duets (2 people)
Small group (up to 4)
Registered group (up to 6)
Group drop-in (up to 10) `

Pilates is practiced by individuals who seek an intelligent and dynamic exercise method informed by modern exercise science.  Through Pilates you will become stronger, leaner and more connected to your physical body.  

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Registration can also be done in person, or by phone: 604-913-4563.

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