The High Performance Centre at Hollyburn aims to become a leading centre of Athletic training in the community.

The High Performance Centre

The High Performance Centre (HPC) fosters a world-class training environment and will enhance the experience for all of the Club’s athletes.

Our Fitness area is located next to the Youth Centre and Studio 94 in the southwest wing of the Club. It is a functional space with equipment suitable for all of our Athletic teams at Hollyburn as well as for small group training featuring all new equipment.

The HPC includes: an Torque rig station, half racks, benches, rubber bumper plates, plyometric boxes, and other sport specific conditioning equipment which are used by many of the top NBA, NFL, NHL, and Olympic athletes worldwide.

The HPC is used for team training and offers certified trainers and coaches the opportunity to develop and supervise strength training and conditioning programs.

The HPC can be booked for various teams. For more information on booking the High Performance Centre, please contact Brad Kahn at 

High Performance Centre Schedule

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