Massage is one of the most fundamental healing techniques.

Massage eases pain and sore muscles, speeds healing and increases flexibility. Weekly treatments can revitalise your mind and body. Choose to pamper yourself with a relaxation massage, loosen and re-energize tight muscles with a deep tissue massage, or ask about sport-specific massages designed to help athletes enhance performance or recover from an injury.

Hollyburn’s massage team consists of 5 highly trained Massage Therapists.

Special Requests

Although we do our best to anticipate your needs, we appreciate that a massage is a very individual experience. Please let you therapist know if there is any way to improve your treatment or comfort, for example: heavier or light massage pressure, heat/cooling, music or lighting levels, etc.

Types of Massage

Massage therapy is effective approach to pain management and rehabilitation. Our therapists are effective in treating and providing relief for a wide range of conditions such as headaches, tendonitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, as well as many other common conditions related to soft tissue and joint dysfunction. Some of our therapist also offer specialty massage service such as: Refexology, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, Thai massage, and Prenatal or Postpartum massage.

Extended Health Benefits

Extended health benefits vary from plan to plan. Some of our therapists are registered in BC, while others are registered in Alberta. Please check your benefits booklet or contact your insurance provider in order to be clear on the details of your coverage. To receive Extended Health Benefits insurance reimbursement, please submit your receipts to your provider directly.

Our Massage Therapy Centre is open 7 days per week.