Pilates will help you achieve a mind/body connection that will change the way you feel, look and move by rebuilding your body from the inside out.

About Pilates

Pilates is a contemporary exercise system with incredible range:  biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement.  It is based on a clear set of exercise alignment principles that emphasize stability, mobility, and performance.

Our Pilates Team

Pilates is a progressive system of body alignment and performance. Start with a private, develop a plan with your instructor to either continue privately or ladder into one of our registered pilates classes.

Pilates ranges from post-rehab to athletic conditioning and everything in between. All pilates exercises incorporate elements of stability, mobility and strength. Whether you are looking to work on posture and alignment of challenge your physical limit we have you covered.

We offer private, semi-private, small group training in addition to registered group classes.

For more information, please email Eryn Krieger, Pilates Program Coordinator at pilates@hollyburn.org or contact the Fitness Centre 604-913-4563.

Pilates Restore

Designed for students looking to unwind and connect to their bodies in a more restorative relaxing way. Bring your body back to its ideal alignment, energy and postural health with a series of gentle and effective stretching and strengthening exercises.

Pilates Level 1-2

A beginner to intermediate level of class. It is recommended that students have taken at least 1-5 privates prior to enrolling in this class. This class will incorporate moderate challenge and choreography.

Pilates Level 2-3

An intermediate to advanced level of class. It is recommended that students have taken at least one full session of Pilates Level 1 prior to enrolling in this class, or be preapproved by one of our instructors. This class will appeal to students looking for more of a physically demanding practice.

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Registration can also be done in person, or by phone: 604-913-4563.

For more information, please contact:

Pilates Coordinator