We cater to all youth and aim to encourage everyone at all ages to enjoy movement and activity.

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Tough Enough 2.0

Youth Fitness Centre Use Program

Hollyburn’s youth fitness program use has undergone a face lift. The changes take the original Tough Enough program from a great facility orientation to a more thorough training session introducing the clubs youth to proper training in the club.

What can your kids expect to learn?

The program is divided into TWO x 45 minute sessions – we all learn better through repetition – for each age range (12-14 = LEVEL 1 and 15-16 = LEVEL 2).

Level 1 will cover:

  • Club etiquette and sign in policy

  • Upper Fitness Centre floor orientation

  • Proper usage of the cardio equipment and what type of training will be the most engaging and beneficial

  • 4-5 body weight drills (squats, lunges, hip hinging, push ups, pilling) and proper progression based on their current abilities

  • Core exercises, flexibility/mobility and appropriate weighted exercises

Level 2 will cover:

  • Review of level 1 as necessary

  • Lifting exercises and progressions as appropriate focusing on proper mechanics = these might include, but not limited to; deadlift, squat, bench press or chin up

  • Foam rolling and mobility

  • Interval training

  • Building a small routine

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Fitness Coordinator


Personal Training Coordinator